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Dermatology Digital Marketing Agency in Canada

Want more patients to notice you and book an appointment with you? Let us create your online presence and see how your traffic grows. With the help of effective strategies in digital channels, we can help you build authority.

  • Strategic online marketing campaign 

  • Enjoy being on the #1 page of SERPs 

  • Attract the right audience through the right channels


Transform your dermatology practice with cutting-edge digital marketing.

Enhance Visibility for Dermatology Clinics

Preferred And Trusted By Healthcare Practitioners

Strategic Growth For Canada’s Largest Dermatology Practices

Strategic growth for canada’s largest dermatology practices

In Canada, there are a total of 452 dermatologists. What do you think would be the most effective way to stand out and popularise yourself amongst all of them?

Well, traditional forms of marketing will take you years to reach your goals. However, Connect The Clinics suggests you go ahead with a reputed dermatology digital marketing agency. Here, you have dermatology marketing experts to understand your concerns, study your industry, and find out strategies tailored to your needs.

With dermatology marketing, you can expect substantial growth in your dermatology practice, attract new patients, and build a rock-solid relationship both with the existing and new ones.

Gradually, all the sectors of the healthcare industry are bringing a digital transformation in their practice. This is majorly because of the kind of authority it builds as well as it shows the expertise of the healthcare professionals to the potential patients and lets them make informed decisions.

With effective dermatology marketing campaigns crafted by the best dermatology marketing experts, you can target patients who are religiously looking for your service and gather more patients.

However, for accurate results, only a website detailing your dermatology services, skills and expertise is not enough. You need a complete digital marketing package to understand your practice’s objective and devise a digital marketing campaign that’s functional for you. 

Here, the dermatology advertising services of Connect The Clinics are the perfect solution to your problem.

Why The Canada’s Top Dermatology Practices Trust Connect The Clinics?

Why the canada’s top dermatology practices trust Connect The Clinics
  • Commitment to transparency 

At Connect The Clinics, we are committed to dealing with you while maintaining complete transparency. You are sure to get detailed reports and timely information to let you how we utilise your dollars with the right strategy. Be assured of securing a clear billing system with no hidden charges.

  • Training and support 

Right from the beginning, our dermatology marketing experts regularly meet you and provide the right tactics for SEO for dermatologists. Our digital marketing experts take you through the entire marketing campaign process and provide you with explanations for each of their moves until you’re satisfied.

  • Customised marketing services 

We know how the dermatology practice differs from one practitioner to another. Keeping that in mind, our experts design marketing campaigns that solely target your potential patients. Each campaign we devise triggers the emotions of your patients and lets them take action soon.

  • Proven track record 

At Connect The Clinics, our digital marketing experts have the knowledge, experience and industry insights to help you with all kinds of online marketing. Our goal is to bring growth to your practice and augment your brand image as a dermatologist. For this, we use the latest technology, tools and strategies to design effective marketing campaigns.

  • Knowledge of your niche 

Since dermatology is a specialised medical sector, our experts have developed themselves all these years and have built a solid knowledge base. They know what works for your industry and determine the right strategies to devise an effective marketing campaign. 

Our Comprehensive Services For Dermatology Practices 

Our comprehensive services for dermatology practices

Dermatology SEO 

  • Half of the traffic goes into the first three results of the first page of SERPs. Keeping this in mind, the SEO experts of Connect The Clinics research the perfect keywords for both on-page and off-page and do the needful. 

  • Proper keyword research 

  • Increase website traffic 

  • Gain new patients organically

Dermatology Pay-per-click management 

  • If you’re looking to generate leads faster, avail of our dermatology pay-per-click management services. Here, you pay only for the ads that get clicked. 

  • Get instant results 

  • Build good relationships with patients 

  • Be accessible online

Dermatology Facebook advertising 

  • Dermatology Facebook ads are an excellent tool to attract new patients and retain the existing ones. To create the best Facebook ads, our team strives hard to prepare the best designs and persuasive copies that let your potential patients take the right action. 

  • Fill more appointment slots 

  • Remarket to existing patients 

  • Generate high-quality leads

Website design and management 

  • Let us build an appealing dermatology website for you and influence more patient experience. We use local SEO and strong call-to-action buttons to target the right people and turn prospects into patients. 

  • Easy navigation 

  • User-friendly website 

  • The right balance of whitespace

Social media marketing 

  • We have an excellent team of social media marketers who know each special media platform’s algorithm and can curate the best social media campaigns for your dermatology services. 

  • Generate organic patient appointments 

  • Create an authority online 

  • Build a personal brand

Reputation management 

  • As dermatologists, we know how important reputation is to you. The prospective patients will only book a call with you if they notice positive reviews about you. Well, don’t worry. We take care of that too. 

  • Gather patient testimonials organically 

  • Build a solid reputation 

  • Gain more traffic

Video content creation 

  • Images speak louder than texts. Use the power of videos and market your dermatology services to the right audience at the right time and through the right channel. 

  • Engaging visuals 

  • Attractive and concise ad copies 

  • Better promotion of services

Marketing analytics and dashboard 

  • Isn’t it frustrating to not get your marketing data or feel lost in the marketing maze without having any clear vision? Well, we believe that transparency is the key to a good customer relationship and follow the same. 

  • Get monthly reports of progression 

  • View online marketing campaign performance 

  • Get lead generation results

See How We Helped Other Dermatologists

At Connect The Clinics, customers are our priority. Let’s see how satisfied our customers are:

  • How does Connect The Clinics structure its pricing?
    Our pricing is designed to be straightforward and scalable, accommodating clinics of all sizes. Please visit our pricing page for detailed information on our tiered models.
  • Does Connect The Clinics provide an opportunity to try before buying?
    Yes, we offer a complimentary trial period to help you assess how our services align with your clinic's needs. No credit card required to start.
  • What steps should I follow to modify my Connect The Clinics subscription plan?
    Upgrading or downgrading your subscription is simple. Log in to your account, go to the subscription settings, and select your new plan. Changes will be applied immediately.
  • Does Connect The Clinics offer refunds?
    We stand behind our service with a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, we offer a money-back guarantee within the first 30 days of service.
  • Am I able to cancel my subscription to Connect The Clinics without penalties?
    Absolutely, you can cancel your subscription at any time directly from your account dashboard. There are no cancellation fees.
  • What payment options does Connect The Clinics accept?
    We accept a variety of payment methods, including major credit cards and PayPal. For other payment options, please contact our support team.
  • Is there a discount for choosing the annual billing option with Connect The Clinics?
    Yes, we offer significant savings for clients who opt for annual billing over monthly. Check our pricing page for more details.
  • Are there any undisclosed costs with Connect The Clinics?
    We believe in transparency. There are no hidden fees or additional charges beyond your chosen plan's pricing.
  • Can I switch my plan with Connect The Clinics as my clinic's requirements change?
    Definitely. We understand that your needs may evolve, and our flexible plans are designed to grow with your clinic. You can adjust your plan anytime through your account.
  • What's included in my Connect The Clinics plan?
    Each plan offers access to our platform, including features such as appointment scheduling, patient management, and more. For a comprehensive list of features included in your specific plan, please visit our features page.

Specialized Digital Marketing Agency Across Healthcare Industries

Explore how our marketing strategies are specifically tailored to meet the diverse needs of various healthcare sectors. From dental practices to dermatology clinics, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities each sector faces in attracting and retaining patients.

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