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About Us

Bridging the gap between you and your patients

Develop a strong connection with your patients, enhance visibility, and grow your practice, with our strategic medical search engine marketing and optimization.

We’re Connect The Clinics, a pioneer medical and healthcare marketing agency helping healthcare providers in Australia, Canada and the USA.

We know how busy you are with your medical practice, with little to no time for online marketing activities. That is why, we have you covered. As a leading healthcare marketing agency, our mission is to bridge the gap between you and your patients, enhance your brand
awareness, and make your services more visible to your potential patients.

Our expertise

At Connect The Clinics, we are a team of potent digital marketers, content creators, SEO specialists, and analytics experts to uplift your brand presence online. With our experience and expertise, we transform your practice’s growth.

Our approach

First, we begin by delving deep into the goals of your practice, market challenges, and your patient demographics. Based on these data, we craft a personalized marketing strategy that serves two purposes:

a. Drives engagement
b. Resonates with your target audience


To achieve these results, we use all kinds of online marketing strategies that are suitable for your medical practice.

Why choose us?

By choosing Connect The Clinics, you don’t hire just a medical SEO marketing agency. Rather, we work in unison with you like a team. We take pride in offering customized digital solutions – only those that work for your healthcare services. Every step we take for growing
your practice, you’re informed about it. After all, we prefer transforming tensed customers into
happy and satisfied ones.

Ready to grow your patient list? Let’s discuss and find out what works for you.

Getting started is easy

We know how impactful great customer service can be.

This is why our digital marketing experts make every effort to ensure a smooth and simple onboarding experience and stellar results.

Make the switch to Connect The Clinics today.

Contact Us

At SearchKings, we specialize in managing digital campaigns. Our team of professionals is here to help.


Your dedicated Account Manager continually optimizes lead volume and budget to best suit you.


We handle Google & Microsoft’s onboarding process for you and get your accounts live faster.


In addition to our dedicated support line, we train you on how to view and action your leads and more.

Ready to get more patients? Let's Talk!
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