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Canada’s Best Digital Marketing Agencies for 2024

Updated: Jul 1

Canada’s Best Digital Marketing Agencies for 2024

If you’re reading this blog, it means either you’re on the hunt for the best companies in digital marketing or you’re not satisfied with the digital marketing agency you’re currently working with and need someone better. In both cases, we have you covered.

Today, if you don’t market your business online, be ready to be screwed and shut it soon. Sounds rude, right? 

We are not here to make you panic even more. Rather, we are here to provide you with a solution. In this blog, we will share with you a list of Canada’s top digital marketing agencies. In addition, we will also tell you some tips and tricks to hire the best digital marketing firms. 

So, without any further delay, let’s get into the details of the blog. Let’s learn more about the companies with the best digital marketing solutions in Canada and its various parts. 

How to choose the best digital marketing companies in Canada?

How to choose the best digital marketing companies in Canada?

When your business is in the right marketing hands, it is sure to grow and rise to unexplained heights. For this, it is crucial to choose the best Canadian marketing agency. Today, you’ll come across several digital marketing agencies in Canada. But are all of them equally efficient to provide you with the best results?

Well, to choose the best digital marketing company in Canada, here are the few factors you need to


1. Reputation and experience 

First and foremost, the reputation of a digital marketing agency matters the most. With reputation, comes experience of the agency. Always look for agencies that have a proven track record. For this, you can take a look at the reviews of the agency before hiring them. The more positive reviews, the better the agency. 

2. Range of services offered 

Every business has a unique set of marketing needs. So, when you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Canada, make sure to check out their range of services. Ensure that the services they offer are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Normally, the best digital marketing agency in Canada offers search engine optimisation, pay-per-click advertising, Google ads, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and website design and development.

3. Industry experience 

Another crucial factor to consider while choosing a digital marketing firm in Canada is the expertise of an agency in a particular industry. Always partner with an agency that has experience in working with businesses of your niche and industry. They have a detailed understanding of your target audience and the industry trends. All of these help them to create effective marking strategies. Here, you can ask the company to provide you with case studies and their previous work related to the industry.

4. Customised approach 

In digital marketing, the one-size-fits-all policy does not work. So look for an agency that gives you the time to understand your business, your competitors, and your target audience to craft a customized marketing solution for you. The agency you choose should be able to provide you with specific needs based on your business insights.

5. Transparency and communication 

To form a successful partnership with a digital marketing agency in Canada, it is important to have transparent and clear communication. For this, the agency should provide you with regular reports, monthly updates, and analytics to keep you in the loop. The agency should take recommendations from you regarding the progression of the marketing campaigns.

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Rankings as of 2024

Rankings as of 2024

When it comes to choosing Canada's top digital marketing agencies, most of you go by the rankings. These rankings are like the report cards of the marketing agencies that prove their worth. Indeed, there are world-class providers of digital marketing services all around the globe and Canada is not an exception.

  • The one that’s ruling the chart is WebFX with a 5-star rating. It offers various solutions to businesses catering to different industries. 

  • In the second number is Seoplus+, a leading digital marketing agency of Ottawa. 

  • The third position is taken by Artifex Digital, a premier digital marketing agency in Vancouver, Canada which specialises mostly in social media marketing. 

  • Next, you have the Jelly Digital Marketing and PR. Being a digital marketing tycoon in Langley Township Canada, they have helped businesses all over the globe. 

  • In the fifth position, Cayk Marketing Inc. takes pride in delivering amazing digital marketing solutions to various industries catering to different niches. 

  • Besides these, you have Atrium, Unite Interactive, Social Media 55, BrainWorks, Let’s Get Optimized, and Art Fresh as some of the best digital marketing companies in Canada.

Top 10 digital marketing companies in Canada

Top 10 digital marketing companies in Canada

Now that you have an idea about the digital marketing firms in Canada and the requirements of marketing services here, it's time to take a look at the top 10 best digital marketing companies in Canada.

1. Connect The Clinics

If you're looking for a digital marketing agency in Canada that serves all your needs, right from search engine optimisation to social media management and more, you are search ends here. Connect the Clinics is a leading healthcare digital marketing agency that caters to the various healthcare industries of Canada and beyond. Since they have been in business for a long time, the experts here have a clear understanding of the healthcare industry and can provide you with deep insights that work in the healthcare market.


  • Strong understanding of the target audience.

  • A detailed understanding of your business and its objectives.

  • Provision of getting customised solutions to improve your health care practice.

  • Expert team of marketers catering to SEO, PPC, social media management, website designing, healthcare reviews and referrals.

2. Vivid Strategy 

Another leading marketing agency is Vivid Strategy, designed to help you reach your potential customers online. The custom strategies they provide help you grow your revenue and reach and drive more traffic to your website. Right from securing your SEO and analytics to designing customised marketing campaigns, the marketing managers of Vivid Strategy do it all for you.


  • Work with a team of expert marketers who understand your needs.

  • Get 24/7 support, guidance, and advice on maximizing your visibility in search engine rankings.

  • Incorporate tailored marketing campaigns that are aligned with the latest trends and techniques to ensure maximum results.

  • Monitor and measure your performance to make the most out of the campaigns.

  • Use cutting and technology to create innovative websites.

3. Savvy Search Marketing Ltd. 

If you are into legal affairs, home services or eCommerce, Savvy Search Marketing Ltd. is your perfect choice. They help you grow your business to unexplained heights with their specialised marketing strategies. Since they offer flexible services, you can track the progress of your marketing campaign. Being a popular marketing agency in Canada, the company provides you with remote working facilities.


  • Their services include pay-per-click, search engine optimisation, landing page and website creation, and Google My Business profile.

  • They enable the growth of your business in many industries and help you connect with new clients and leads. 

  • Get the finest Google ads or Bing PPC management services where you become more visible to people all over the globe. 

  • Work with a team passionate about driving qualified leads to your business.

  • Get integrated search engine optimisation to grow organically.

4. Sojourn Digital Inc. 

The efficient marketing managers of Sojourn Digital Inc. in Canada understand the need to create an online presence for the growth of your business. So, they have come up with efficient and effective services that help you to make a difference in your industry. If you are a business organisation looking for profit-making or fundraising, this is the best option you have at hand. 


  • The team of experienced professionals offer a wide range of services.

  • The services are designed to enhance your brand message, increase visibility, and drive more success for your business. 

  • Right from social media management to search engine optimisation, content creation, web design and development, the team ensures a comprehensive approach to creating an online presence for your business.

  • They are committed to understanding your specific objectives and missions that you apart. 

  • More than a client, the team views you as a partner and involves you in all decisions and progressions of the marketing campaigns.

5. Bridge Media 

If you are looking for a bilingual online marketing agency in Canada, Bridge Media is here to serve you. As a marketing agency, they specialise in search engine optimisation and marketing for construction contractors with organisations having employees ranging between 2 to 20. Over the years, the marketing expert of the agency has developed tactics to help you rank better and maximize your return on investment.


  • Get transparent communication and payment procedures.

  • The services offered include SEO, social media management, organic posting, newsletters, website creation and optimisation, lead magnets, conversion funnels, and Google ads.

  • Work with an amazing team of strategies programmers designers and experts.

  • Grow your business online through organic and paid marketing strategies.

  • Be more visible to your target audience and capture customers for the long term.

6. GCOM Designs 

Another striking digital marketing agency in Canada is GCOM Designs. Here, you get website designs and a digital experience that drives results. As a full-service and comprehensive digital marketing agency, GCOM Designs specialises in crafting customised online solutions that cater to your target audience. In today’s competitive landscape, GCOM Designs helps you stand out online and make a mark. 


  • Get search engine optimization done at an affordable rate. 

  • Be more visible to your audience through local SEO strategies. 

  • Create a seamless website with smooth navigation and easy access on all devices. 

  • With GCOM Design’s PPC services, be a game changer in your industry. 

  • Get your websites audited to find out loopholes and work on them. 

7. Black River Digital 

Based in Ontario, Black River Digital is a full-service and comprehensive digital marketing agency that specialises in handling sports companies and social media management. Understanding the power of social media management, Black River Digital identifies your valuable marketing strategies, implements the solutions, and evaluates them by measuring and analyzing results. 


  • Maximize your ROI with strategic digital marketing campaigns. 

  • Transparent handling of customers at an affordable cost. 

  • Make the most of your business online with the best search engine optimization and social media management. 

  • Get customised marketing campaigns that align with your target audience. 

  • The holistic services include search engine optimization, social media management, pay-per-click ads, organic marketing, and many more. 

8. Monarch Social Media 

If you want to grow your business with social media, Monarch Social Media is your go-to solution. Having a deep understanding of the digital marketing landscape, Monarch Social Media creates a personalised digital marketing campaign tailored strictly for your audience. For effective social media management, they have an expert team of marketers who understand your concerns and create marketing plans accordingly. 


  • Excel in creating personalised messages to target your leads. 

  • Blend experience and creativity with a dedicated marketing team. 

  • Enhance your visibility and foster genuine engagement to build a loyal customer base. 

  • Offer innovative solutions that are both sustainable and effective. 

  • Get a broad range of marketing services to build a good client base. 

9. Csek Creative 

Have you struggled to hire a full-service marketing team? Worry not, when you have Csek Creative. With the marketing managers of Csek Creative, you can expect nothing beyond growth. It’s high time to not settle for ‘just good’. Here are the architects of your growth. 


  • Get planned marketing efforts for your audience. 

  • Avail of committed support from the team 24/7 to resolve all kinds of issues. 

  • Get strategic social media campaigns to engage with your audience. 

  • Combine creativity with a broad range of marketing solutions. 

  • Translate digital marketing investments into paying customers of your business. 

10. Rough Works 

If you want to transform your marketing vision from rough to refined, connect with Rough Works now. Renowned as one of the prolific providers of digital marketing services in Canada. They help businesses make a mark online with an effective web presence and authority. 


  • Get clear brand designs and refined marketing strategies within the deadline. 

  • Excellent SEO and content marketing services at your doorstep. 

  • Be a part of the content planning process to deliver your input and get campaigns that suit your audience. 

  • Comprehensive digital marketing services for small and enterprise businesses. 

  • Use of the latest technology and trends to stay relevant in the market.

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Top-rated digital marketing agencies in British Columbia

Top-rated digital marketing agencies in British Columbia

Since Canada is a large area, it is divided into various regions. When you are in search of digital marketing agencies, you certainly want to look for the local ones. Here, you have the top companies with the best digital marketing agencies in British Columbia.


Established in 2017, is a reputed digital marketing agency with more than 50 employees serving different niches. It has its branches spread all across the globe. Being a premier digital marketing agency, offers comprehensive multi-channel marketing strategies that are customised according to your ideal customer profile.


  • A complete software development and team augmentation company. 

  • Offers a wide range of digital marketing services that help your business to make data-driven decisions. 

  • Meets your expectations and delivers a successful digital strategy. 

2. Optimized Webmedia

If you’re looking for a 360-degree full-service digital marketing company in British Columbia, Optimized Webmedia is your ideal solution. Founded in 2013, the agency has an experienced and skilled team of digital marketing professionals who are adept at understanding what your business needs to scale up to enormous heights online. Even though the agency helps you with comprehensive solutions, they are just a team of ten highly professional marketers. 


  • Served small businesses, midmarket and enterprises with equal zeal and zest. 

  • Offers comprehensive audit of your existing marketing strategies to develop better solutions. 

  • Get improved marketing and advertising efforts at an affordable rate.

3. Artifex Digital 

Artifex Digital is a full-service performance marketing firm that strictly serves e-commerce industries in and outside British Columbia. Established in 2019, they are a small digital marketing firm with just five efficient marketers. All of these marketers are highly skilled in finance and paid media.


  • Serves DTC brands and companies looking to scale their paid acquisition.

  • Makes use of all the ad platforms to promote suitable marketing campaigns. 

  • Specialises in paid media, PPC, e-commerce and social media. 

4. 1Up Digital Marketing 

Another reputed digital marketing agency with an office in Canada, 1Up Digital Marketing Agency was founded in 2013. Back then, the team had less than ten employees. However, it provides services in SEO, PPC, website design, social media management, and content creation. It serves midmarket and other-sized companies in the healthcare, hospitality, IT, retail, and e-commerce industries. 


  • Better known for its timeliness, professionalism, and value addition. 

  • Has received several awards as a successful digital marketing agency. 

  • Affordable digital marketing agency in British Columbia. 

5. App Guardian (AGN)

Established in 2018, App Guardian is more like a SaaS and digital marketing agency with additional locations in Seattle and Barcelona. The USP of the team is mobile and app marketing, SEO services and digital strategy. They have an efficient team of marketers that help to scale your business and generate more leads. 


  • Formulates strategic processes to generate more leads. 

  • Plans, implements, executes and measures marketing campaign results. 

  • Understand your target audience and align the marketing campaigns accordingly.

Top-rated digital marketing agencies in Ontario

Top-rated digital marketing agencies in Ontario

Now, it’s time to take a look at the reputed digital marketing agencies of Ontario. Given below is a list of top digital marketing agencies in Ontario.

1. Source Select Marketing 

With the motto of ‘doing it right’, Source Select Marketing agency is a highly-skilled digital marketing service provider that offers a variety of services to promote and elevate your business online. With the help of a collaborative and informative approach, they assist their clients in delivering results backed by analytical data.


  • Work with a highly skilled team of marketing professionals. 

  • Analyze market information, make revenue projections, and customise strategic marketing for your customers. 

  • Share your ideas to turn your business into a successful brand.

2. Kinex Media 

If you’re looking for a full-service eCommerce digital marketing company, Kinex Media is a sureshot platform for you. As a reputed service provider of digital marketing and advertising strategies, Kinex Media can transform your online presence and help you achieve exponential growth in your industry.


  • Get comprehensive solutions that include strategy development, web design and development, SMO, SEO, PPC, and many more. 

  • Deep understanding of the market industry and crafting better marketing strategies. 

  • Efficient content creators to help you design the most engaging content for your business.

3. Digital Commerce Partners 

Established in 2006, Digital Commerce Partners is a true follower of Copyblogger. They believe in the policy of keeping things simple yet impactful. So, whatever is your marketing needs, the writers and marketers of Digital Commerce Partners use the least words and engaging visuals to make you memorable in the minds of your audience. As a whole, the agency supports your business goals. 


  • Get holistic SEO strategies both for search engines and people to enhance your visibility. 

  • Align content with your user intent by using the right keywords to bring the maximum impact. 

  • Identity opportunities to outperform your competitors both in search and rankings.

4. Edifian 

Edifian is a multi-award-winning international digital marketing agency in Ontario that specialises in all kinds of digital marketing strategies. As a creative digital marketing agency, Edifian is spread all across Toronto, Canada, Auckland and New Zealand. Right from website designing services to SEO, PPC, social media management, branding and e-commerce, Edifian does it all. 


  • Leading digital space with creative campaigns and innovative designs. 

  • Transform the online presence of your brand and engage your audiences. 

  • Build an amazing lead generation system and a content funnel that works for you.

5. Purpose Path 

If you’re interested in working with an agency that doesn’t offer any general marketing solution, Purpose Path is apt for you. Functioning in a remote working scenario, Purpose Path generates tangible results that drive more growth for your business. The primary goal of Purpose Path is to deliver measurable outcomes by leveraging the power of digital marketing strategies. 


  • Well-versed experienced marketing professionals who are adept in the latest industry techniques and trends. 

  • Enhance your online presence, improve lead generation, and boost conversions with the latest tools. 

  • Get transparent and data-driven results to ensure maximum impact overall.

Top-rated digital marketing agencies in Alberta

Top-rated digital marketing agencies in Alberta

If you are planning to augment your business in Alberta, here are the options you have in terms of the best digital marketing agencies:

1. Konstruct Digital 

Located in Calgary, Canada, Konstruct Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that specialises in all kinds of digital marketing services to help your business grow online and generate quality leads. Founded in 2012, Konstruct Digital takes pride in having an efficient team of 8 people who are responsible enough to solve your marketing problems. 


  • The primary goal is to increase traffic online and generate more leads. 

  • Rebuild old and new corporate websites to give them a new look and feel and attract more customers. 

  • Evaluate traditional marketing efforts to identify loopholes and rectify them.

2. Parilon Digital 

Established in 2019, Parilon Digital is strictly into PPC marketing. Located in Edmonton, Canada, Parilon Digital has a small team of efficient digital marketers who are adept in paid ads. They can guide you with the correct marketing strategies and advertising campaigns that are sure to attract more visitors to your website. Moreover, apart from PPC, the agency also helps you with social media marketing, content marketing and digital strategy. 


  • Get the best digital strategy that your business deserves. 

  • Let the marketers help you with both organic and paid ads to build traffic and authority in your industry. 

  • Meet your clients' expectations with the best marketing techniques and strategies that work for you.

3. Yeg Digital 

If you’re looking for a web design company in Alberta, Yeg Digital can be your ultimate solution. With a team of less than ten professionals, this B2B marketing agency in Canada has been helping people elevate their businesses right from 2017. It serves small to midmarket companies and institutions with relevant web design, PPC, and SEO services. 


  • Extensive information exchange between agency and customers to design customised strategies. 

  • Detailed understanding of the companies’ needs to cater to them and align the marketing efforts with them. 

  • Complete website redesign to grab more attention of the audience.

4. Viral in Nature 

Considering the power of social media, Viral in Nature has come up with a holistic social media agency that takes pride in building the online presence of your business on various social media platforms. With a team of 36 skilled employees, the agency takes care of your social media, managing your reputation, and constructive web development across various industries like tourism and hospitality, agriculture, fashion, etc. 


  • Get maximum engagement with proper social media content and marketing campaigns. 

  • Serve what your customers are interested to know about you. 

  • Elevate the presence of your business at different levels with different social media marketing strategies.

5. Atrium 

Atrium is a dynamic and forward-thinking digital marketing agency in Vancouver that works primarily with midmarket and small businesses and enterprises. It has a team of ten efficient marketers and content creators who serve you with content marketing, SEO, PPC, and social media management. After its establishment in 2000, Atrium has offices in Vancouver and Edmonton. 


  • Enhance awareness about your company with proper SEO content development. 

  • Be assured to get on the first page of Google search results with proper local SEO and marketing. 

  • Create a marketing strategy and optimise Google Ads campaign to achieve the desired results.

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Top-rated digital marketing agencies in Manitoba

Top-rated digital marketing agencies in Manitoba

Another popular part of Canada is Manitoba. If you are a resident of this place and would want to join hands with the best companies in digital marketing here, these are the options you have: 

1. Edkent Media

If your primary goal for hiring a digital marketing agency is to strategize, execute and make a profit, Edkent Media is waiting for your arrival. Being a popular digital marketing agency in Canada, Edkent Media excels in empowering businesses with cutting-edge solutions and strategies. The team members here have a passion for delivering data-driven insights from creative efforts. 


  • The comprehensive suite of services of Edkent Media includes SEO, web design, PPC, content management and social media management. 

  • Work with a committed team that understands your goals and challenges and crafts personalized marketing strategies to achieve tangible results. 

  • Innovation and adaptability at the core approach to enable a fast-paced landscape that helps you stay ahead of your competitors.

2. Symbicore Inc.

Located in Winnipeg, Canada, Symbicore Inc. is a full-service digital marketing company designed to provide a holistic and result-oriented approach to help your brand thrive in the online world. It is more than just a digital marketing agency. They work as your partners in success ensuring you not only get vast reach, but also proper engagement and conversion.


  • Strategic insight, visionary thinking, and creative innovation to propel your business and brands into the hearts and minds of your audience.

  • Grow more awareness about your brand and expand its market share to build loyalty amongst your customers. 

  • Maintain your business website with the right SEO strategies and website design services to create a more eye-catching homepage.

3. Honest Agency

Another award-winning digital marketing agency in Canada based in Winnipeg is Honest Agency. It is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers advertising, branding, graphic designing, web development, and strategic planning services to avoid an array of clients. It has been operating outside Winnipeg since 2000 and has had the opportunity to build relationships with clients across all industries for a long time.


  • Build brand clarity and move your business to the next level.

  • Transform your business organisation into a purpose-driven and value-based brand.

  • Make decision-making faster, easier, and a more effective process that aligns with your entire customer team around a collective purpose.

4. Unite Interactive 

Another leading digital marketing agency in Canada is Unite Interactive. Since it has its office in Vancouver, you can name it as a wonderful marketing agency in Vancouver as well. The company is tightly focused on branding, web design and development, mobile app development, social media, video creation, and digital marketing services. As a top Canadian marketing agency, Unite Interactive has more than 25 years of experience in digital media on enhancing brand profiles, emotionally connecting with the audience, and driving more leads, conversions, customers and revenue.


  • Conduct website audits and develop strategies based on evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

  • Get device-friendly and customised content management solutions.

  • Avail of content marketing, social media marketing, and paid social media campaigns at an affordable rate.

5. 6P Marketing 

6P Marketing is another full-service digital marketing and communications ad agency in Winnipeg, Canada that provides research, implementation, and consulting services with a focus on small to medium-sized companies and enterprises. Right from building marketing plans to designing your brand and generating leads, 6P Marketing helps you in every step to elevate your business in the digital world and make it more visible to your audience.


  • Stay up to date with the marketing trends and valuable insights from a team of marketing experts. 

  • Design short, practical, and effective business plans for small businesses to achieve their goals. 

  • Refresh and revamp existing brands to create new ones and position them for greater business success.

Top-rated digital marketing agencies in Quebec

Top-rated digital marketing agencies in Quebec

If you are a founder of Quebec and looking forward to elevating your business online, here are the best digital marketing agencies you can look up to in Quebec: 

1. Cansoft Technologies 

If you’re looking for the best Canadian company specialising in SEO, website design, PPC services, and social media management, Cansoft Technologies is apt for you. As an IT company, the services of Cansoft Technologies include web applications software development, search engine optimization, and social media services.


  • Meet your website traffic with the right SEO strategies and website design. 

  • Get a free SEO audit to understand the capacity of the agency. 

  • Develop a user-friendly, attractive, and reliable website that lets your audience take action.

2. Cosette 

Another significant digital marketing company in Quebec, Canada, is Cosette. More than just a digital marketing agency, Cosette is a strategic partner with experts all across all disciplines to offer you an integrated branding experience unlike your competitors. Being a leading digital marketing agency, Cosette deals with powerful and high-quality clients to create a global impact. 


  • Work with a multifaceted team of digital marketers with high-quality expertise to get extraordinary results. 

  • The agency’s mission is to creatively connect with people and brands in meaningful ways. 

Focus on empowering the heart and mind of every customer with the right digital marketing campaign.


3. Falia 

Looking for a web marketing and digital marketing agency in Montreal and Quebec? Falia has you covered. As a team of passionate digital marketing experts, we believe in using the latest technology for the growth of your business or brand. Work with a dedicated web marketing agency to drive growth and focus on results to improve your positioning as a leader.


  • Get monthly services in B2B, B2C, and e-commerce marketing. 

  • Focus on SEO and web designing to improve conversions and turn visitors into paying customers. 

  • Maximize your marketing efforts with proper automation to save time and manage work seamlessly.

4. HALO Strategie 

If you want to propel your brand with powerful and impactful messaging, connect with Halo Strategie. As a comprehensive and experienced digital marketing agency, Halo Strategie offers social media marketing, employer branding, video production, brand image building, web development, and content creation.


  • Work with a marketing agency specialized in automotive, financial services, beauty, human resource, security, construction, and real estate sectors.

  • Let us offer you the best solutions for your clients and improve your positioning in the industry.

  • Build and execute multi-channel marketing strategies to customise content for your customers to make them take action at the right time.

5. Kimoby 

If you want to get rid of low revenue and marketing efforts not bearing any fruit, it's time to connect with Kimoby. Elevate your sales and services dealership game with Kimoby's DMS-integrated powerhouse solution. Transform potential customer concerns into positive experiences with the perfect digital marketing agency in Canada.


  • Build brand loyalty and ensure satisfied customers by providing outstanding Digital Marketing Services.

  • Automate manual tasks and concentrate on high-value activities with the DMS system of Kimoby to enhance customer experience and a personal touch for a genuine world-class experience.

  • Streamline approval processes and transform your customer transparency levels by streamlining communication for a more efficient and reliable experience.

Top-rated digital marketing agencies in New Brunswick 

Top-rated digital marketing agencies in New Brunswick 

Considering the business development in New Brunswick, it’s crucial to know about the best Canadian digital marketing agencies that can help you elevate your business and take it to the next level. Well, we have heard you and here’s a list of the top-rated digital marketing agencies in New Brunswick: 

1. Roasted Metric Digital Marketing Agency 

If you want to cultivate your business digitally and create an online presence, Roasted Media Digital Marketing Agency is your true guiding light. Right from expecting remarkable growth to performance-driven marketing campaigns and full-on transparency with customers, Roasted Metric Digital Marketing Agency takes pride in providing only the best to their customers. Although they are a small team, the efficiency and skill of the experts in the company make them succeed in every project they take up.


  • The services of the agency include website creation, SEO, advertising, graphic designing, online advertising, marketing strategy, social media, branding and positioning.

  • Get the best and customised marketing strategies that your audience can relate to and engage with.

  • Gain followers and traffic organically to perfect social media strategies.

2. GVN Marketing 

Another data-driven and result-oriented marketing firm is GVN Marketing. Here, the experts only speak of delivering the best digital marketing services to help your brand be a popular one in your industry. Right from offering solutions to taking care of all kinds of digital marketing errors, the experts of GVN Marketing can be your saviour. 


  • Get data-driven solutions to optimize your business’s potential. 

  • Since the agency offers various digital marketing solutions, they master each of them and have specialised professionals in each field. 

  • Work with a team of the most talented analytical and creative minds in the industry.

3. Candybox Marketing

 If you’re in search of marketing firms in Vancouver, Candybox Marketing is at your service. As a full-service digital marketing agency, Candybox Marketing offers 360-degree online marketing services that include search engine optimisation, paid ads, website designing, social media management, branding and positioning.


  • Get the best digital marketing services from a team of 45 people and from a reputed marketing agency established in 2008.

  • Work with world-class experts in various fields of digital marketing and improve your brand's presence online.

  • Get specialised services for e-commerce and related other businesses irrespective of their stature and industry.

4. Vanguard Solutions 

If you want to get noticed where your customers are searching for the services or products you offer, you need the help of Vanguard Solutions. Being a reputed digital marketing agency in Canada, they focus on the journey of your customers and create content at various stages of their journey. Right from 2009, the agency has been helping businesses grow their bottom line with engaging and result-based marketing efforts both for print and digital media.


  • Get the best search engine optimisation strategies to build traffic on your website, and drive revenue and customer engagement.

  • Get results quickly with the paid ad services of the marketing agency.

  • Convert potential visitors into paying customers with organic content.

5. Tomorrow Media Group 

Tomorrow World Media is a collectively formed dedicated marketing agency that aids brands in focusing and preparing for upcoming market opportunities and trends. This sir agency has a robust team totally committed to assisting brands in anticipating and strategising for future transformative prospects in the digital area. As trusted partners, you can work hand in hand to deliver the best results for your business.


  • Be a part of the digital transformation to accelerate your brand and bring more revenue. 

  • Get better faster and smarter solutions along with exceptional digital growth. 

  • Let us guide your brand in strategic positioning while seizing the opportunities to stand out in the market.

Top-rated digital marketing agencies in Nova Scotia

Top-rated digital marketing agencies in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia being an important industrial hub of Canada, needs digital marketers to help businesses improve their positioning and become more visible to their customers. Here are the digital marketing agencies of Nova Scotia you can rely upon: 

1. Kula Partners 

Maximize your revenue potential to make a mark in the B2B industry with Kula Partners. Since B2B has a complex and technical environment, Kula Partners can help you take a more targeted and account-focused project to drive revenue within niche markets. Established in 2004, the agency is a small company that strives hard to deliver impactful marketing results.


  • Win in the digital marketing arena as a leading manufacturer by developing the most significant marketing strategies for your next categories.

  • Enjoy growth and perform better within your existing niche by identifying and competing with new niches. 

  • Identify strategic opportunities to create a workable road map to build your brand, grow your pipeline, and influence customers.

2. Dot and Company 

Another strategic marketing company that promises you results is Dot and Company that is established in 2018. As a reputed digital marketing agency, Dot and Company knows how to keep their clients happy and satisfied by focusing on what you do best and nurturing the USPs in the marketing campaigns.


  • The agency takes care of your clients so that you can take care of your business.

  • Hand over your clients to the agency and they will do all the communication from your side.

  • Get client result reports at the right time to work on your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths.

3. Podstarter 

Another digital marketing company making a mark in Canada is Podstarter. The agency, built in 2019, specialises in content marketing digital strategy and all kinds of digital marketing services that help your business to appear online and be more visible to your audience. Let the agency take your idea and turn it into something better and more creative that has a lasting impact on the minds of your customers.


  • Launch high-quality marketing campaigns with effective strategies and find your voice in the industry.

  • Right from the ideation and launch of a marketing campaign, the agency takes charge of every marketing effort required to launch your brand in the online space.

  • The agency takes care of the fundamentals and advanced marketing strategies in a collaborative way.

4. Be Responsive Media 

As you can understand from the name of the agency, it is a responsible digital marketing firm, where you can disclose your marketing ideas and the experts here will take up the responsibility of shaping them into better content. If your business needs a digital strategy or generates more leads or ranks higher, Be Responsive Media is here to help you with the right solutions.


  • Get business strategies customised in a manner that ensures you achieve your business goals.

  • Work on the digital strategies that drive leads and increase your ROI. 

  • Maximize the effectiveness of your marketing budget under the able guidance of the experts of this agency.

5. Alley Kat Web Consulting Inc.

Another eminent name in the field of digital marketing industries in Nova Scotia is Alley Kat Web Consulting Inc. Established in 2020, this is a small marketing agency with a team of 10 employees that offers web designing and development, branding and social media marketing services to industries across all niches. 


  • Build your business from scratch online under the supportive guidance of the best digital marketing agency.

  • Revamp your company's website with engaging content and design.

  • Optimise your website for search engines and make it more likely to be ranked on SERPs.

Top-rated digital marketing agencies in Prince Edward Island

Top-rated digital marketing agencies in Prince Edward Island

Another remarkable area in Canada is Prince Edward where you can find businesses thriving one after another each day. However, to make a mark here and grow your business, you need the help of these digital marketing agencies: 

1. Art Fresh 

If you’re eager to grow your business 3x faster in a smarter way while stressing less, Art Fresh is here for you. We understand how challenging it is to develop your business. Hence, we have come up with a comprehensive digital marketing agency to make it much easier, better, and clearer for you with the least effort.


  • Get an accelerated business growth strategy that guarantees a return on investment.

  • Work with brave and confident marketers who guarantee you real and measurable results.

  • Our team has versatile experienced and successful marketers who help you to increase your business's profit by leaps and bounds.

2. The Dunne Group 

Established in 1998, The Dunne Group is a renowned advertising company in Charlottetown, Canada that has a small team, offering advertising, email marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine optimisation and other related services for the benefit of your business. Work with a team that radiates positive vibes with the best skills and experience that brings you profitable results.


  • Work with a versatile group with strong consulting skills, broad experience, objectivity, and forward-thinking.

  • The agency is interested in advocating for you to understand your customer's needs and create marketing strategies accordingly.

  • Join hands with a strategic partner focused on optimising your client's online presence and maximizing your business outcomes.

3. Big Surge Inc. 

Another significant web development firm is Big Surge which launched in 2018. Specialises in web development, search engine optimisation marketing, pay-per-click and more. As a digital design production and marketing agency, Big Surge can help you tell your brand story through a cross-platform integrated approach. Get your brand prepared to be noticed and visited more.


  • Get branded advertisements in a smart way by using the correct videos and content through the correct channel.

  • Let the agency build your brand website from scratch and divert user traffic to your product or service with proper search engine optimisation.

  • Built your brand with a focused strategy to bring it to the fore and build the right user interface.

4. Profitable Ads Inc. 

If you need a direct response marketer for your business’s digital growth, Profitab;e Ads Inc. This is a one-man army efficient digital marketing agency that is capable of serving your brand with direct responses to your customers and clients.


  • It’s time you stop chasing clients that you don’t deserve. Instead, get the suitable ones. 

  • Drive results for your clients that hit your revenue goals and business objectives. 

  • Leverage your business with the best direct response service provider.

5. KP Enterprises Canada Inc. 

Get smart digital solutions for your growing SMEs and MSMEs with the help of KP Enterprises Canada Inc. This agency empowers a connected world through innovative and excellent marketing strategies in the IT landscape. Join KP Enterprise in a journey of transforming your business’s presence online and enjoy a transformative change.


  • Craft a responsive user-friendly website tailored to a business's needs and ensure to stand out in the industry.

  • Transform ideas into high-performance mobile applications and empower your business to engage users and drive growth.

  • Elevate the visibility and engagement of your brand through proper social media marketing strategies and drive meaningful connections with your customers.

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Now that you have a clear idea about the different operated digital marketing agencies all across Canada, it's time for you to choose the one that suits your business's needs and objectives and provide you with solutions that align with your brand. Since you have a long list of the best marketing agencies in Canada, it might be confusing for you to choose just one. However, out of all the digital marketing agencies in Canada, the one that you can go ahead with is Connect The Clinics.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did you build this list of the top digital marketing companies?

To build a list of top marketing companies, you need to follow a few factors to get the best. The factors to be considered for creating this list of top digital marketing companies include the reputation of the agencies, the experience of the agencies, the quality of the team members, and the testimonials and reviews the agencies have received in the past.

2. What services do digital marketing agencies offer?

Generally, a reputed digital marketing agency offers services that cater to improving the online presence of a business in the digital world. The services include search engine optimisation, website designing, web development, social media marketing, paid ads, review management, content marketing, content writing, and graphic design.

3. How much do digital marketing services cost?

The cost of digital marketing services depends on the digital marketing agency you choose. Again, this cost is dependent on the kind of services you avail of for the benefit of your business. The cost that a digital marketing service agency charges includes the efforts of the market, strategizing, implementing, executing, and measuring the marketing results.

4. Are the top digital marketing agencies worth the money?

Yes, the top digital marketing agencies mentioned here are worth every penny. All of these agencies have a team of experienced and expert marketers who are adept at understanding your business industry and providing you with a solution that reaches your marketing goals.

5. I want to work with a digital marketing agency — what do I do now?

To work with a digital marketing agency, the first thing is to look for a reliable agency with a positive review for at least 3 years. Make sure to choose an agency that offers the kind of services your business needs. Also, the marketing agencies that provide you with their past work can be trusted more than the ones that do not.

6. What is the future of digital marketing in Canada? 

The future of digital marketing in Canada is extremely promising. With the immense rise of industries and businesses in the city of Canada, you can expect to witness the growth of several digital marketing agencies in the near future.

7. Which city in Canada is best for digital marketing? 

Several cities in Canada have the best digital marketing agencies. But among all of them, Vancouver is one of the cities in Canada that has the best digital marketing agencies. Here, the marketing agencies of experienced and skilled marketers who have a clear understanding of digital marketing as well as various industries.


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