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Looking for the best dental digital marketing company in Canada? Check out the list

Updated: Jul 1

looking for the best dental marketing company in Canada?


As a dentist, you put in the effort to expand your practice. You put up billboards and hoardings of your dental practice but you don’t get the patient traffic. This is because you follow the conventional methods of marketing your dental practice.

Gone are the days when people used traditional forms of marketing to expand their reach. But now, people are more engrossed in online media. Therefore, the only solution you’re left with now is to look for a reliable dental digital marketing company in Canada.

Considering the competitive landscape of the digital marketing arena, choosing an experienced and expert dental digital marketing company in Canada has become a difficult task now. However, to help you in this regard, we have come up with a solution.

In this blog, we will provide you with a list of the top 7 best digital marketing agencies in Canada. You’ll get a detailed overview of their services along with the benefits of hiring a dental marketing company and how you can choose one for yourself.

List of top 7 best dental digital marketing companies in Canada

Amidst all the dental marketing agencies in Canada, here is a list of the top 7 companies that promise you to offer the best digital results:

Connect The Clinics is one of the best dental digital marketing companies in Canada that functions as a one-stop shop for all dentists looking for digital solutions. Right from search engine optimization to paid ads, social media, PPC, live chats, referrals, website design, CRM and many more.

Connect The Clinics understands the needs of the market and caters to dental industries like dentists, orthodontists, paediatric dentists, periodontists and cosmetic dentists. Since Connect The Clinics has a team of digital marketers, content creators, social media managers, website designers, and SEO professionals, you can expect to get a full-on solution for your dental practice.

Be it launching your dental practice newly or revamping your existing online presence, Connect The Clinics is ready to help you with the best digital marketing strategies.

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2. Kika Marketing and Communications

Kika is another full-service digital marketing communications agency in Calgary, Alberta, promising to turn your visionary ideas into brands. Their goal is to craft customised integrated solutions that suit your business and target your audience at large.

What makes Kika stand out is their three-fold service approach which includes marketing services, creative services and website services. Besides, they offer some free tools and resources for you to check their efficiency before you hire them.

So, approach Kika to expand your dental practice and get the desired traffic, sales and revenue.

3. Edkent Media

Looking for accurate positioning of your dental practice online? Look no further as you have Edkent Media at your service. Being one of the pioneer dental marketing agencies, Edkent Media offers to help you with relevant traffic, better leads, higher ROI and more sales.

The digital marketing services for medical professionals offered by Edkent Media include search engine optimization, website design, pay-per-click, content marketing, social media marketing, inbound marketing, email marketing and all kinds of customised digital marketing services.

Edkent Media takes pride in lead generation, traffic generation, and branding of your business – the perfect mix to create an impact online presence.

4. Major Tom

Another global digital marketing agency is Major Tom which helps you find clarity in chaos. As a full-service digital marketing agency, it is a purpose-built organization that thrives to help you with seamless digital marketing amidst complex landscapes.

Right from SEO services, to email marketing campaigns and AI-generated projects, Major Tom helps you with the customised solutions that your dental practice needs.

For your benefit, Major Tom divided their services into marketing, development, creative and strategizing agendas. With a team of bright minds, Major Tom aims to humanize web content and digital marketing.

5. BlueHat Marketing

If you’re looking for result-driven SEO and digital marketing services, BlueHat Marketing is your ideal saviour. Since 2005, BlueHat Marketing has been helping businesses grow their digital presence online and make a mark amongst all competitors. The expert team members of BlueHat Marketing understand the need for an industry leader and try hard to shape you into one.

With a supportive team vulture and relaxed collaborative environment, BlueHat Marketing uses the latest techniques and strategies to push your dental practice to the forefront, make it more visible to your target audience and fill your customer pipeline.

6. Growth Marketing Pro

If you want more patients for your dental practice and earn more revenue, Growth Marketing Pro is a pro in this! Based in Toronto, Ontario, Growth Marketing Pro specialises in marketing services like SEO, PPC, social media marketing, advertising, content marketing, and email marketing.

Led by two digital marketing and SEO professionals, the Growth Marketing Pro agency promises only growth and no fluff. Here, you can work with experts one-on-one and watch how your website traffic grows within a substantial time. Unlock the true potential of your business with the right marketing strategies.

7. WebFX

WebFX is another data-driven revenue marketing agency suitable for dentists that promises to propel your business to better heights. Across all areas of digital marketing, the efficient team of WebFX has deep expertise and knowledge. If you want to optimize your sales or generate leads through both simple and complex processes, WebFX has your back.

Right from SEO and lead generation services, WebFX offers a host of other digital marketing services that offer you the platform to create an efficient online presence. They have the best-in-class strategies to impress customers with impactful results.

Benefits of hiring a dental marketing company

Still, wondering whether you need to hire dental marketing agencies for dentists? Here are the benefits your practice can enjoy if you hire one:

Online presence

You’ll be surprised to know that 90% of Americans use the internet every day. So, if you’ve to get more patients, you’ve to be visible to them. For this, creating an online presence is crucial. The formats of traditional marketing are no longer as effective as digital marketing. Today, the dental marketing agencies of Canada take your practice to a level that’s more comfortable for your patients.

More qualified leads

You may reach out to your potential patients with whatever kind of marketing you’re doing. But only a few of them may need a dentist. But with effective digital marketing strategies for dentists, you generate brand awareness by spreading the right kind of message to the right people at the right time and through the right platform.

Customised solutions

Not all your patient requirements are the same. This is why it’s necessary to provide them with customised dental marketing solutions. When you undertake the best digital marketing services for medical professionals, you help them with tailored digital marketing solutions to cater to their target audience.


Think of the cost you’d have to allot for marketing your dental practice via traditional methods. Yes, it is costly. Besides, traditional marketing doesn’t even help you to target the right audience. However, when it comes to digital marketing, you can reach out to your desired target audience at a much lower rate.  

Measurement and optimization

You’d never want to follow a marketing practice without testing it. Similarly, the digital marketing strategies for your dental practice need to be tested before launching. This allows you to find out what works for you and what strategies should you avoid.

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Considering these benefits of digital marketing services for medical professionals, it’s high time to look for a reliable digital marketing agency to augment your dental practice.

The list of top digital marketing agencies shared above will definitely help you to target potential customers and increase your revenue. With digital dental marketing, you can target a potential patient with the perfect message, delivered at the ideal place and time through the perfect channel.

If you’re looking for the best dental digital marketing company in Canada, Connect The Clinics is here to help you. Being a leading digital marketing company in Canada for dentists, Connect The Clinics has professionals to understand your requirements and provide you with a rock-solid digital marketing strategy.


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