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Does your dental practice need a dental marketing agency? Here are 10 Proven Reasons

Updated: Jul 1

Does your dental practice need a dental marketing agency?

Who doesn’t want to have 50 more new patients every month? But do you get the desired results? Well, most dentists don’t. But it’s time to get rid of the conventional practices and embrace strategies that bring results.

While traditional marketing tells your efficiency to the whole world, digital marketing shows it. So, with suitable digital marketing strategies, you can bridge the gap between your dental clinic and potential patients. Besides, it can increase your ROI at least by 200%, boost conversion, and improve patient acquisition and retention rates.

But who’ll help you achieve these amazing results? Well, you need to hire a dental marketing agency to help you in this regard. Wondering how an agency can guide you? Keep reading to know more about the dental marketing strategies an agency can help you with.

Why should you hire a dental marketing agency?

why should you hire a dental marketing agency?

Before you land up with a dental marketing agency, it’s crucial to pay attention to the reasons for hiring one for your dental practice.

1. Patients prefer online over offline

Today, 90% of Americans eat, breathe, and sleep through the internet. Why not use it for marketing your dental business?

Gone are the days of traditional marketing where you used to put up hoardings and rely mostly on word-of-mouth. Today, appropriate dental marketing strategies can make you more visible to your potential patients. Besides, digital marketing improves the comfortability of your dental practice to the patients. Result? You get more appointments! 

2. Gets more qualified leads

You get patient bookings only to be ghosted at the end. We know how frustrating this can be. Solution? Hire a dental marketing agency and allow them to implement the best dental marketing services. 

While in traditional marketing, only a handful of people you reach out to will require a dentist, digital marketing will make you connect with those who are in dire need of one.

3. Customized strategies

Do you think any marketing solution can target all of your potential patients? Well, this is the error that most dentists make.

Every patient has different dental concerns. So, marketing suitable dental services to them is the key to getting them to your clinic.With online marketing for dentists, you can customize your message and make it more personalized to target the right audience through the right platform and at the right time.

4. Measure results and optimize

Following any marketing strategy blindly and expecting great results – appears like an oxymoron, right?

To ensure that your marketing strategies are on the right track, you need to measure them and optimize them according to your needs. This is where you need a digital marketing agency. They’ll produce metric reports to measure your progress.

5. Cost-effective marketing

Think of the traditional methods of putting an advertisement. The print and electronic media will surely burn a hole in your pockets.

However, taking to digital marketing tactics is a far more cost-effective option. Not only is it sustainable, but also gives you the freedom to customize, optimize and continuously implement effective strategies at a low cost.

6. Makes potential patients aware of your brand

To make people aware of your brand, you need at least an average of six impressions. If people aren’t aware of your existence, they’ll never come to you. And, through digital marketing, you have to speak up for your services to build this awareness.

A dental marketing agency can provide you with the right mix of digital marketing strategies and SEO optimization to boost the visibility of your brand and make it reach your potential patients.

7. Stay competitive in the market

When agencies offer dental marketing strategies, they know what’s best for you. They are fully aware of the recent market trends and know which one will suit you.

Thus, you remain relevant in the market. In addition, your position in the market is at par with your competitors (sometimes, even better).

8. Build loyalty and trust

While 59% of customers choose brands they trust, 49% of them prefer investing in loyal brands.

Amidst the saturated market, your prospective patients need a reason to book an appointment with you. Here, a dental marketing agency can curate content based on EEAT (Google’s new algorithm for SEO) and foster brand loyalty and trust.

9. Utilize the power of social media

As a dentist, you remain busy with your patients and practice. So, we know how it’s obvious that you do not understand social media management. But we also understand how your lack of knowledge of social media is impacting your practice negatively.

Hiring a dental marketing agency will augment your social media presence, improve your conversion rates, and boost traffic.

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How a dental marketing agency can thrive in your practice?

how a dental marketing agency can thrive in your practice?

When it comes to digital marketing for dental clinics, your agency sets appropriate marketing goals within a particular budget. In your dental practice, these are the vital roles that a dental marketing agency plays:

  • Uses SEO to target more potential patients.

  • Enhances the quality of impression and engagement.

  • Analyses the existing marketing strategy, finds out the strengths and weaknesses, and rectifies the mistakes.

  • Create a branding strategy that resonates with your target audience.

  • Craft, implement, and manage advertising campaigns to build brand awareness.

  • Curate high-quality and relevant content for improving website ranking.

  • Track, monitor, analyze, and share regular progress reports. 

Difference between in-house marketing and hiring a marketing agency

Now that you know the kind of online marketing dental marketing agencies can help you with, it’s time to choose between in-house marketing and hiring a marketing agency.

In-house marketing

Hiring a marketing agency


Time-taking: It takes a lot of time to understand and master the inbound and outbound marketing strategies.

Specialized team: You give the responsibility to experts and let go of the headache.

Limited knowledge: Since you do everything yourself, you have a restricted knowledge and experience. Stepping into uncomfortable zones to learn the new is challenging.

Get quicker results: Since experts are knowledgeable enough, they implement strategies that work for you. Therefore, you get results much earlier.

Takes a longer time to get results: Since you’re doing everything here, it’s sure to take you a long time to succeed. The whole process involves a lot of experimentation and testing to know what works for you.

Ample free time: Since the digital marketing agency takes care of marketing your brand, you have enough free time to look into other revenue-generating activities.


Better result: Of course, leaving marketing in the hands of the experts means better results.


How can you find the best dental marketing agency?

how can you find the best dental marketing agency?

The comparative table has already given you the idea of going ahead with a dental marketing agency. But you’re still in a dilemma – Which is the best dental marketing agency for you?

Let’s solve your doubts.

1. Experience matters

The dental marketing agencies who know your industry will only speak of augmenting the growth of your practice, irrespective of where your business belongs currently. They have the knowledge and years of experience of working in your industry and know how to attract potential customers.

2. Regular reporting and communication

As a customer, you’ll prefer working with an agency that keeps you in the loop. The best dental marketing agencies will report to you weekly, give you updates on the progress, and implement new strategies. The goal of these agencies is to keep you and them on the same page and consider both of you as a team.

3. Reputation

Another vital driving force behind choosing the best dental marketing agency is reputation. Before hiring, check what the previous clients have said about the agency. Look into the Google reviews, social media reviews, and other third-party sites.

4. Professionalism and integrity

Find out if the dental marketing agency respects your time, understands your business values, and works hard to give shape to your dreams. Check how responsive the agency is. All of these amount to the professionalism and integrity of the agency. If they don’t, they aren’t worth your money and time.

5. Reliable track record

The best dental marketing agency has a proven track record that’s better than the industry standards. They formulate the best dental marketing strategies and ask you to take a look at their past work.

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Following the best dental marketing services is the key to enhancing the growth of your practice. To ease your efforts and save you time, choose a reliable dental marketing agency. However, ensure that you follow the above-mentioned tips to pick the best.

Looking for a dental marketing agency to improve your dental practice? Connect The Clinics is waiting for your arrival. We are a one-stop dental marketing agency with an experienced team. We know how to create the best marketing strategies that your business needs.

Connect with us now. 


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